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An old, onery, push button bear is the best way to describe One Ear. Steve believes this bear is somewhere between 15 and 17-years-old and still has a lot of wild in him. While Steve was not witness to the incident, it is most likely that One Ear lost his body part during a fight with another bear. He keeps trudging on even though Steve never expected him to make it this long.

Another one of the old, battered guys is Half Nose, who’s nose was bitten off by Arthur, another well-known bear, years ago. According to Steve, Half Nose is just gross looking and while his staying power is amazing, he is an old bear in decline.

“Most of the calls we get for Half Nose are from people who are worried about him, not because he is behaving badly,” Steve explained. His nose is runny and his teeth are broken and worn down, but he still retains his stature as one of the “big guys” and other bears don’t mess with him.

“He’s not suffering, he’s just gnarly,” Steve said.