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The headline bear, Blondie was the example of a situation that went bad even though Steve and the community tried its best to keep both Blondie and the public safe.

“People loved her and she loved people and that caused her to get killed,” Steve explained.

Blondie wasn’t a dumpster bear, instead she preferred to break into homes and dine on fine foods in people’s refrigerators and pantries.

“No one was scared of her because she was so cute and she never once bluff charged a person,” Steve said.

Even though she didn’t have the worst track record of a bear bandit, Blondie broke in several dozen homes in her heyday. In the summer of 2010, she was put down by a Sergeant on the Mammoth Lakes Police Department after a homeowner acquired a depredation permit for her life.

Blondie had two cubs but neither survived long enough to be named.