More on momma and cubs

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  We have a cabin on Twin Lakes, where I was staying by myself and last week a momma
bear and her two cubs were spotted near our cabin during the day. Later that night,
I drove into town to grab some dinner and when I came back to the cabin I saw the
two cubs near our main door. As I got closer and looked around, I noticed the momma
bear right in front of the door. When I shined my lights on the area, I noticed
that the momma bear was tearing the side boards off of the kitchen wall. Also, I
noticed that our screen door was ripped apart. After flashing my lights and honking
the horn, the momma and her cubs left and went into nearby brush. After they were
gone I boarded up the side of the cabin where she had torn wood off. 
  On June 13, I was there with my two daughters opening up our cabin for the
summer. We observed the momma bear and her two cubs (who are featured in Steve's
personal video clip on the homepage of website) for most of three days. They slept there two
nights and were not a problem to us. We enjoyed the pleasant company and watching
the cubs play with each other and look for food. Little did we know they would
later become a problem. Two days after we left, we were notified from another cabin
resident that a bear(s) had broken in to our cabin. We called to get the details,
and found out the following.
  The momma bear and her cubs broke a bedroom window that is next to the kitchen. The
only food left in the cabin was canned food in a cabinet. The momma bear took the
cans and tossed them out the window to her cubs waiting below. When we arrived back
in Mammoth about a week later, we had stains all over the floor and outside not too
far from our cabin, there was a pile of opened and empty food cans.
  Hopefully that was the end of visits from our unexpected guests.

-bear enthusiast