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21. Blondie
(Main Content/The Bears)
... in her heyday. In the summer of 2010, she was put down by a Sergeant on the Mammoth Lakes Police Department after a homeowner acquired a depredation permit for her life. Blondie had two cubs but neither ...
22. Steve Searles - The Bear Whisperer
(Main Content/About Steve)
Steve Searles began working with the Town of Mammoth Lakes in 1996 and today, is employed as its Wildlife Specialist, teaching humans and bears to coexist through actions and phrases that are recognizable ...
23. Do Not Disturb
(Blogs/Bear Blog)
It's winter in Mammoth so the bears are nestled into their dens, fast asleep. Steve knows where they all are, but much of the rest of the town does not, which is for the best since the critters need ...
24. The Town of Mammoth Lakes
(Main Content/Mammoth Lakes)
The town of Mammoth Lakes is a unique region of California filled with more than 7,000 full time residents. Located in the Inyo National Forest, within the confines of Mono County, Mammoth Lakes was incorporated ...
25. Bears Tales of 2010
(Main Content/Home Page)
Much like the stories of the “old days” when people in Mammoth would purposely leave dumpster lids open and trash lying around hoping to catch a glimpse, and a picture, of a bear, the tales of 2010 made ...
26. Affairs With Bears
(Main Content/Home Page)
... the town of Mammoth Lakes, California. Jay Majer made this in film school, and is currently working on a feature length version.   Duis autem vel eum iriure dolor in hendrerit in vulputate velit ...
27. Affairs With Bears Recode
(Main Content/Home Page)
... communication gap between bear animals and human animals in the town of Mammoth Lakes, California. Jay Majer made this in film school, and is currently working on a feature length version.   Duis ...
28. Don't Bug a Bear That's Eating
(Blogs/Have Your Say)
We were backpacking in Kings Canyon and set up camp near the Bubbs Creek Trail. In the middle of the night some other hikers showed up and set up camp nearby. For some reason they figured it was OK ...
29. Bear Whisperer Returns - 2011 Episodes
(The Show/The Show Content)
Who and what is The Bear Whisperer? Steve Searles, Mammoth Lakes' Wildlife Specialist has hooked up with LMNO, the production company that works with Discovery Channel and Animal Planet to produce ...
30. Quiet Up There, I'm Trying to Sleep!
(Blogs/Have Your Say)
... an occasional grunt from our unexpected house guest. The kids nicknamed him/her "Grunter." Later on the morning of the original discovery I notified Mammoth PD and they dispatched two of their officers. ...
31. No Photographs Please!
(Blogs/Have Your Say)
Late one night I was walking home after covering a Mammoth Lakes Town Council meeting. It was deep into summer and the temperatures were warm and friendly. As I passed by a familiar dumpster I heard a ...
32. The 2-Hour Premiere
(The Show/The Show Content)
  In January 2010, the pilot episode of The Bear Whisperer aired on Animal Planet and was wildly successful. The pilot introduced the world to Steve Searles, Mammoth Lakes, and what Steve does with bears ...
33. The People of the Eastern Sierra
(Main Content/Mammoth Lakes)
People that live in the Eastern Sierra, and especially the more than 7,000 in Mammoth Lakes are a unique breed. In order to survive an average of 400 inches of snow each year, they have to be. People come ...
34. Where the heck is Mammoth Lakes?
(Main Content/Mammoth Lakes)
Mammoth Lakes, Calif. is nestled on the east side of the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range. With world-class Mammoth Mountain Ski Area at its doorstep, the locale boasts recreational activities of all shapes ...
35. Steve Chats with Rudy Maxa
(Main Content/Home Page)
The Bear Whisperer, Steve Searles is one of the featured Mammoth guests on this weekend's edition of Rudy Maxa's World. Steve joins running star Meb Keflezighi, Snowcreek Resort's John Morris, and Whoa ...
37. Mammoth Mountain Ski Area
(Web Links / Sponsors of The Bear Whisperer)
A generous supporter of The Bear Whisperer.
38. Steve Searles
(Contact / Contact)
Steve Searles, The Bear Whisperer, What can we say about Steve? He is a real character. He has a big heart and shares his passion for life with everyone he knows. It's good to know he's hanging out with ...
39. Mammoth Lakes
40. Living with Bears
... by Steve or the local Mammoth Lakes Police Department. This section of the site is geared toward helping you learn more about what to do if a bear enters your home, gets into your trash, or interacts with ...
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