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21. Ace
(Main Content/The Bears)
... he has not had a new offense in the past two years. "He's a great example of what's possible," Steve said, in reference to the tactics he uses to teach the bears how to live with humans. "I'm proud of ...
22. Steve Searles - The Bear Whisperer
(Main Content/About Steve)
Steve Searles began working with the Town of Mammoth Lakes in 1996 and today, is employed as its Wildlife Specialist, teaching humans and bears to coexist through actions and phrases that are recognizable ...
23. Do Not Disturb
(Blogs/Bear Blog)
It's winter in Mammoth so the bears are nestled into their dens, fast asleep. Steve knows where they all are, but much of the rest of the town does not, which is for the best since the critters need ...
24. The Town of Mammoth Lakes
(Main Content/Mammoth Lakes)
The town of Mammoth Lakes is a unique region of California filled with more than 7,000 full time residents. Located in the Inyo National Forest, within the confines of Mono County, Mammoth Lakes was incorporated ...
25. Bears Tales of 2010
(Main Content/Home Page)
... a permanent mark on Mammoth's history. People, as well as bears, goofed up a bit last year, and some people who had wreaked a little havoc in years prior were given punishment for their trangressions. ...
26. Affairs With Bears
(Main Content/Home Page)
Affairs With Bears from Jay Majer. A film about human-wildlife co-existence, this is a documentary about one man's quest to bridge the communication gap between bear animals and human animals in ...
27. Affairs With Bears Recode
(Main Content/Home Page)
Affairs With Bears from Jay Majer. Affairs With Bears from Jay Majer. A film about human-wildlife co-existence, this is a documentary about one man's quest to bridge the ...
28. Don't Bug a Bear That's Eating
(Blogs/Have Your Say)
... extra about bears and food. I’ve always used the proven storage techniques and have never had a bear snag my food during 30 years of backpacking but you learn something new every day. Always make sure ...
29. Who Are They?
(Main Content/Template Features)
Steve never names a bear until it has been around for awhile because statistics show that 51 percent of all black bears die before they are 18 months old. Generally named for their physical attributes, ...
30. Bear Whisperer Returns - 2011 Episodes
(The Show/The Show Content)
... bears they taught me," Steve says about his methods. Big, Bad and Bold The April 7 episode began with a story about the "big boys." These large males rule the roost around Mammoth and the younger ...
Q: What is the scientific name for the American black bear? A: Ursus americanus Q: Where are black bears found? A: American black bears range from Mexico to Alaska, from the mountains of California ...
32. Quiet Up There, I'm Trying to Sleep!
(Blogs/Have Your Say)
... this past fall two male bears were found under the cabin.  He stated you and the police were dispatched to our residence on Shady Rest. He went on to tell of how after using pepper spray, not one, ...
33. No Photographs Please!
(Blogs/Have Your Say)
... (away from me). Lesson learned, bears in Mammoth enjoy similar celebrity to famous actors, athletes, etc. and dislike being plagued by paprazzi just as much! - Lara Kirkner  ...
34. The 2-Hour Premiere
(The Show/The Show Content)
  In January 2010, the pilot episode of The Bear Whisperer aired on Animal Planet and was wildly successful. The pilot introduced the world to Steve Searles, Mammoth Lakes, and what Steve does with bears ...
35. Bear Smart
(Web Links / Related Bear Information)
Also working to help people and bears co-exist. ...
36. Steve Searles
(Contact / Contact)
... the bears and doesn't use a computer. That could be really dangerous! ...
37. Lara Kirkner
(Contact / Contact)
... for more than 7 years, Lara is excited to be working with Steve to educate the public on coexistence with bears. ...
38. Dave Titus
(Contact / Contact)
Dave Titus, Webmaster, Dave's been living and working in the Eastern Sierra for over 20 years. He's had his share of run-ins with bears but those were nothing compared to the wild beast that Steve ...
39. The Bears
40. Living with Bears
As Steve always says, "If you see a bear in the wild, hug your kids and kiss your wife. It's a good thing." But if a bear is breaking into your home or raiding your cooler then that bear needs to be reprimanded ...
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