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41. Blondie
(Main Content/The Bears)
The headline bear, Blondie was the example of a situation that went bad even though Steve and the community tried its best to keep both Blondie and the public safe. "People loved her and she loved people ...
42. One Ear and Half Nose
(Main Content/The Bears)
An old, onery, push button bear is the best way to describe One Ear. Steve believes this bear is somewhere between 15 and 17-years-old and still has a lot of wild in him. While Steve was not witness to ...
43. Ace
(Main Content/The Bears)
It's easy to understand why Steve calls this bear Ace when you see the large white diamond on his chest. Ace was in the first episode of The Bear Whisperer, which aired in 2010. During that time he had ...
44. Steve Searles - The Bear Whisperer
(Main Content/About Steve)
Steve Searles began working with the Town of Mammoth Lakes in 1996 and today, is employed as its Wildlife Specialist, teaching humans and bears to coexist through actions and phrases that are recognizable ...
45. Do Not Disturb
(Blogs/Bear Blog)
It's winter in Mammoth so the bears are nestled into their dens, fast asleep. Steve knows where they all are, but much of the rest of the town does not, which is for the best since the critters need ...
46. The Town of Mammoth Lakes
(Main Content/Mammoth Lakes)
The town of Mammoth Lakes is a unique region of California filled with more than 7,000 full time residents. Located in the Inyo National Forest, within the confines of Mono County, Mammoth Lakes was incorporated ...
47. Bears Tales of 2010
(Main Content/Home Page)
Much like the stories of the “old days” when people in Mammoth would purposely leave dumpster lids open and trash lying around hoping to catch a glimpse, and a picture, of a bear, the tales of 2010 made ...
48. Affairs With Bears
(Main Content/Home Page)
Affairs With Bears from Jay Majer. A film about human-wildlife co-existence, this is a documentary about one man's quest to bridge the communication gap between bear animals and human animals in ...
49. Affairs With Bears Recode
(Main Content/Home Page)
Affairs With Bears from Jay Majer. Affairs With Bears from Jay Majer. A film about human-wildlife co-existence, this is a documentary about one man's quest to bridge the ...
50. Don't Bug a Bear That's Eating
(Blogs/Have Your Say)
... to tie off a bag of food to the trunk of a tree right next to our tent. I think the bear figured it was OK. In fact he loved it, every last bite of it. He managed to knock down the food bag easily and ...
51. Bear Smart
(Web Links / Related Bear Information)
Also working to help people and bears co-exist. ...
52. California Department of Fish and Game
(Web Links / Related Bear Information)
State Bear Management ...
53. Mammoth Mountain Ski Area
(Web Links / Sponsors of The Bear Whisperer)
A generous supporter of The Bear Whisperer. ...
54. Animal Planet
(Web Links / Supporters of the Bear Whisperer)
See The Bear Whisperer on Animal Planet starting in March of 2011! ...
55. Steve Searles
(Contact / Contact)
Steve Searles, The Bear Whisperer, What can we say about Steve? He is a real character. He has a big heart and shares his passion for life with everyone he knows. It's good to know he's hanging out with ...
56. Have Your Say
Send your very own bear stories to and we'll post them here! Make sure to include your name and contact information in case we have any questions! ...
57. The Bears
58. Bear Blog
59. Bear Videos
60. Living with Bears
As Steve always says, "If you see a bear in the wild, hug your kids and kiss your wife. It's a good thing." But if a bear is breaking into your home or raiding your cooler then that bear needs to be reprimanded ...
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