Don't feed the bears ... no matter how cute they are

little bear in trouble

This cute, cuddly 19-month old bear cub is on the same track as the well-known Blondie who was ultimately killed in 2010. The pictured cub lost its mother last year and has been breaking into people’s homes in Old Mammoth this summer, eating food. Due to its non-threatening appearance and demeanor, homeowners are snapping photos rather than shooing it away, forgetting that while small now, this male cub will eventually weigh in around 450 pounds. As Bear Whisperer and Wildlife Specialist Steve Searles put it, “This bear is destined for a bullet if we don’t stop feeding it.” So if you see it at your home, remember that feeding it will do more harm than good. Keep food and trash locked up and don’t feed the bears!

(Photo: Robert George)



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